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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the sasa.africa moderators.

  1. This space is mainly focused on how we can create better distributed systems, especially from an African social-technical experience. Let us try to keep it focused.
  2. Think of the human, not just the system, code, or its rules.
  3. No bigotry, including able-ism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and such.
  4. Put effort in finding and sharing evidence to your claims. (Primary sources make a stronger network of knowledge. If you are citing a report, cite the publisher, not a news article about it, if your reason is sharing the report and not the opinion of others about that report.
  5. No ads or spam. Engage with people, don’t assume they are your captive market.
  6. All images and video must be described to as much extent as possible.
  7. Post full links and especially do not use url shrtnrs like bit.ly, which conceal and track those who click them.
  8. Let us all try to create a better social network away from the surveillance nightmare of capitalism-backed extractive experiences.
  9. Shields up! Practice safe exploration, for example, by enabling 2FA on this instance (Preferences > Account > Two-factor Auth ... )